Our Place in History

Our Place in History

Follow our family History Stories 

May 2018
May 2018

Follow our family History Stories 

Who We Are


My family tree begins the year 167 A.D. and continues to present day.  I have many stories of my ancestors that I would love to share.  The site is in progress. 

Family Names


Addington, Hudson, Smith, Turnquist, Fife, Hussey, Stallings, Nicholson, Stone, Cruse, Tudor, Bruce, and many many more

Fun Facts

September 2018

Family tree has 9681 people in it

 Turnquist Surname User-submission: Swedish: ornamental name from torn,meaning 'thorn' or torn, meaning 'tower' and quist, an old or ornamental spelling of kvist, meaning 'twig'. 

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If you have stories  to share or would like more information please email.  Thanks 

Turnquist Family

Denver, Colorado, United States

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